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Career Opportunities

Why Choose TMS?

At True Metal Solutions, we are looking for curious, ambitious people who are committed to producing better futures for themselves and their families. Our current team wants and needs people like this around them so that, together, our team can win in the marketplace and create opportunity for each other.

We are not standing still – the world is moving much too fast. Success as a True Metal Solutions employee will require learning, adapting to change and a tenacity to win. Here are the employee characteristics that we are looking for:

  • Passion for working collaboratively
  • Ambition and commitment to produce a better future for your family
  • Passion for learning – willingness to experiment
  • Curiosity and willingness to adopt and adapt to rapid change
  • Humility to be a strong follower with humility and a strong leader where competent


If you see yourSELF in these characteristics, please apply today – we have been waiting to meet you!

Best Regards,

Eric Stiller
Owner and Managing Partner
True Metal Solutions


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